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Subject Aims

To develop scientific enquiry, curiosity and self confidence in the student, through laboratory work, class assessment work and independently conducted project work.

To provide a worthwhile educational experience for all students

To develop an appreciation of the significance of the Agricultural Industry to the Irish economy

To enhance an interest/awareness of Agricultural Science


Students are required to complete a project for Agricultural Science. To successfully complete this project students will need to gain hands on practical experience on a farm.  

This will include:

  • experiment write ups
  • Plant and animal identification
  • Farm map/layout
  • Practical report from experience gained on a farm

To develop an appreciation of the importance of scientific principles and they’re application to modern farming techniques and practices.

Agricultural Science



Ms Laura Mullen

Degree in Agricultural Science, specialising in Animal Science.

Previously worked in the Thoroughbred racing Industry.

Have also worked on Beef, Sheep, Dairy and Tillage Farms.