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Welcome to the Department of Physical Education at St. Farnans Post Primary, where we aim to contribute towards the development of all aspects of the individual, including aesthetic, creative, critical, cultural, emotional, intellectual, moral, physical, political, social and spiritual development, for personal and family life, for working life, for living in community and for leisure.


“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” LeBron James


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Physical Education applies a whole approach to the concept of physical activity for students. It recognizes the physical, mental, emotional and social dimension of human movement, and emphasizes the contribution of physical activity to the promotion of individual and group wellbeing.

Learning in physical education involves the achievement of knowledge, concepts, skills, and attitudes central to physical education, together with recognising its potential for integration with other curriculum areas.

The general aim of physical education is to contribute to the preparation of the student for a life of autonomous wellbeing. The aim will be pursued through the enhancement of the student’s sense of self, through the development of skillful and creative performance of practical activities. The development of the students understanding of physical activity and awareness of the links between physical education and other curricular areas is part of the subject area.

Physical education syllabuses, at all levels, seek to build on movement skills previously developed through the student’s participation in physical education. These skills will form the basis for further learning. The student will develop the capacity to create more complex movement patterns in a variety of settings and modes.

Participation in physical education should promote recognition of individual capacities, a positive attitude towards participation and an appreciation of the benefits of interaction with others.

Physical Education is viewed as a compulsory subject, to be undertaken by every student in St Farnans Post Primary, unless needs are expressed otherwise.



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