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 It is the policy of the school that all second level pupils wear a uniform during school activities. This includes time spent on the premises before and after class.
 The wearing of a uniform helps to promote a positive image for the school.
 It makes pupils recognisable as members of the school.
 It contributes to the development of a sense of pride in the school.
 The wearing of a uniform prevents competition among pupils in the matter of dress and therefore reduces costs for parents/guardians.
 The wearing of a uniform contributes to better order on the school premises.

The official school uniform is as follows:
Dark grey school uniform trousers, wine jumper with crest for junior cycle and black jumper with crest for senior cycle (available in the school). Regular white cotton shirt with collar (polo shirt not acceptable). – No stripes, logos or team shirts.
Dark grey school uniform trousers or tartan skirt (available in the school). Wine jumper with crest for junior cycle and black jumper with crest for senior cycle. Regular white cotton shirt with collar (polo shirt not acceptable). -No stripes or logos and no team shirts. Black knee socks/tights with skirt.

Footwear - Students must wear plain low-heeled black school shoes not boots, no runners/trainers.

 One ring on each hand and one small earring on each ear are permitted. No nose, lip or other piercing is allowed.
 Unusual coloured hair is not acceptable.
 Excessive ‘Make up’ will not be acceptable and students will be asked to remove it.

 Coats, jackets and other non-uniform items may not be worn in class, class related activities or in the school building.
 Flared, hipster, combat or other trousers are not uniform irrespective of what pupils may tell their parents/guardians.
 The wearing of a uniform is compulsory in school and at school related activities unless otherwise specified.
 Students are expected to have a neat well-groomed appearance with only items of uniform visible.
 Uniform should be clean and neat at all times.
 Students are advised that back-up items of uniform are advisable as excuses such as “in the wash”, “lost”, “damaged” or “too short/tight” will not be accepted.

In the event of a dispute regarding the acceptability of a pupil’s uniform, the school authority is the arbiter, subject to the Board of Management.

 If a pupil presents for school without full uniform he/she has an obligation to report to The Uniform Monitor before morning registration.
 If the pupil has a satisfactory written explanation from a parent/ guardian, he/she will be permitted to go to registration as normal. Such written explanation will cover that day only.
 Any departure from this procedure will be deemed to be a breach of the uniform code and will result in disciplinary action
 If pupils present for school in runners, blue hospital slipovers or black slippers may be provided for wear.

The following sanctions will be used to deal with breaches of the uniform code:
1st offence in term: VERBAL WARNING
Further offences in the same term will lead to: FURTHER DETENTIONS, SEPARATION FROM PEERS, SUSPENSION
If a student refuses to cooperate with Uniform Policy, ‘PERMANENT EXCLUSION’ will be sought in accordance with school policy.