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Welcome to the Religious Education Deparment section of our school's website. We are delighted to offer Religious Education to our Junior and Senior students as a non-exam subject where students have the opportunity to learn about 5 of the major world religions as well as reflect on some of the great philosophical and theological questions that arise for our young people.  

As of September 2023 we now offer a new module to 1st year students as part of their Wellbeing rotation: Culture, Custom & Ethics. This module allows students to explore the diverse cultures present in Ireland and throughout the world as well as Irish traditions and customs of old. This module links in to our school's Culture Day taking place in November where students are invite to participate in a day celebrating world cultures through dress, dance, music and food.

Our Senior Cycle students are given the opportunity to explore philosophical ideas of both a personal nature and relating to our society as a whole. These critical thinking skills are hugely important to students within all subject areas, focusing on the 'why' questions. While it is not always possible to reach a concrete answer, these 'why' questions encourage students to explore universal truths through a dialogue of respect and tolerance developing key debating skills as well as empathy and understanding of other world views.

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