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Wishing our 3rd and 6th year students the very best of luck in their exams!
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1st year Application Form 2024 (for current 6th class students)

3rd Oct 2023

Please find attached the Application Form for entry into 1st year in St. Farnan's in August 2024 for current 6th class Primary School students.

Closing date is 12pm on Friday 27th October 2023.

Please complete each Application Form fully and drop it into our school office where each application form will be stamped and dated and a receipt handed back. This is an important document - please mind carefully.

Any information received including educational/psychological etc. reports on any child will be governed by GDPR regulations including any student application/information that is then withdrawn if the student in question does not take up a placement in school or on any waiting lists for St. Farnan's.

Please contact the school office if you require any further information, by email if posssible: