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Happy holidays to everyone in St. Farnan's and every good wish to our 3rd & 6th years in their state exams in June!
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Autism Awareness Month

10th Apr 2019

Over the past two weeks we have looked at raising autism awareness in the school.  Posters were placed in every class room and a display of famous people with autism raised a lot of conversation points - Messi was the big one here! 

The sense of touch was explored at lunchtime today.  The aim was to demonstrate how uncomfortable it feels to not know what to expect in situations where everyone else seems comfortable.  Brave students and staff placed their hand into a box that the item was unknown.  We experienced really contrasting emotions and reactions to each item! Great fun was had by all!

To increase awareness AsIam founder Adam Harris will join us again on May 7th to speak to our senior students.  We are looking forward to welcoming Adam again. 

"I am Different not less"