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New laws from today - Notice re E-Scooters for all from Kildare Co Co

20th May 2024

Notice to All Schools Re: E-Scooters

The following notice about e-scooters is extremely important and we have been asked by the Road Safety, Cycling and Sustainable Transport Officer of Kildare County Council to bring it to everyone's attention.

From today, Monday 20th May, e-scooters will be legal to use and operate on a public road under the Road Traffic and Roads Act 2023, however, students should note the following rules and restrictions for their age group.

E-scooters can only be used:

  • by people over 16 years of age.
  • on cycle and bus lanes.
  • on local, regional and national roads.

E-scooters are not permitted:

  • to be used by people under 16.
  • to carry goods or passengers.
  • to be used on footpaths, pedestrianised areas or on motorways.
  • To exceed a speed limit of 20 km/h.

An Garda Síochána will be enforcing the new rules and regulations around e-scooters.

 A much broader outline on the use, safety and regulations around e-scooters are listed below, which I hope will provide you and students with further info on the e-scooters.



  1. What is an e-scooter?
    A. An electric scooter or e-scooter is a vehicle with a small standing platform and no seat, for use by one person only, with two or more wheels and propelled by an electric motor. The rider can also propel the e-scooter forward by pushing off the ground.


  1. When do the new laws for e-scooters come into force?
    A. The regulations for e-scooters come into force from today, Monday 20 May 2024


  1. Are e-scooters legal in Ireland?
    A. From 20 May 2024, e-scooters are legal to use on public roads under the Road Traffic and Roads Act 2023.


  1. What is the minimum age limit for e-scooter users?
    A. E-scooter users must be aged 16 or older. Gardai will have the power to seize an e-scooter if it’s being used by anyone under the age of 16.


  1. Do I need to register, tax, or insure my e-scooter?
    A. No.


  1. Do I need a licence to use my e-scooter in a public place?
    A. No.


  1. What are the rules for using e-scooters in Ireland?
    A. From 20 May 2024, e-scooter users must:

  • Drive on the left, including in cycle and bus lanes.
    • Be 16 or older.
    • Obey the rules of the road, particularly for traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, pelican crossings and zebra crossings.
    • Obey signals given by a Garda or school warden.
    • Obey all traffic lights, including bicycle traffic lights.
    • Obey all traffic signs in the same way that they apply to cyclists.
    • Not carry passengers or goods.
    • Not use the footpath.
    • Obey a speed limit of 20km/h.
    • Not hold or use a mobile phone.


  1. What are the technical specifications for e-scooters?
    E-scooters must:
  • Have a maximum power output of 400 watts or less.
    • Have a maximum weight of 25 kg (including batteries).
    • Have a maximum design speed of 20 km/h or less.
    • Have wheels with a minimum diameter of 200mm.
    • Be fitted with front and rear lights, reflectors, brakes and a bell.
    • Be fitted with a manufacturer’s plate certifying the power output, weight and design speed.


  1. What if my e-scooter doesn’t meet the technical requirements in the regulations?
    A. If your e-scooter doesn’t meet the current legislative requirements, it will remain illegal for you to use it in a public place. It will be subject to enforcement by An Garda Síochana and may be seized.


  1. Can I carry a passenger on an e-scooter?
    A. No. It’s illegal and unsafe for you to carry a passenger on an e-scooter and a fixed charge notice will apply if you’re caught.


  1. What rules apply for e-scooters for alcohol/drugs?
    A. An e-scooter may not be used while under the influence of an intoxicant. An e-scooter user charged with this offence will face a court appearance and can be fined up to €2,000.


  1. What are the rules governing the use of e-scooters in public places?
    From 20 May, E-scooters can be used:
    • by people over 16.
    • on cycle and bus lanes.
    • on local, regional and national roads.

E-scooters are not permitted:
• to be used by people under 16.
• to carry goods or passengers.
• to have a seat.
• to be used on footpaths, pedestrianised areas or on motorways.

In addition, where a bicycle is not permitted, e-scooters are not permitted either. Rules that cover bicycles apply to e-scooters.


Road Safety, Cycling & Sustainable Transport Officer Kildare County Council