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New Student Transfer Form for Enrolment for 2024 2025.docx

5th Apr 2024

Applications for student transfers to St. Farnan's PPS for the new academic year 2024-2025 begin from Monday 8th April 2024 (2nd to 6th years only). Please see the Enrolment tab in our website.

As our school is still oversubscribed, we will acknowledge receipt of all transfer applications but may not be in a position to either accept or refuse the transfer until the school year 24/25 has begun (Friday 23rd August 2024) and the BOM has clarified the overall school student numbers (in each Year Group).

Our school Annual Admissions Notice & School Admission Policy will be used when determining the status of all application in line with DES policy.

Note: As a rapidly growing school, St. Farnan’s may not have available spaces in some or all Year Groups going forward. The 1st year applications & enrolment process take place during October of 6th class Primary School annually and is separate to this transfer application. The LATE application form for 1st year August 2024-2025 is still available in the Enrolment tab. Currently there is a waiting list for all year groups, including 1st year 2024-2025 and all year groups for our ASD and MLU special classes.

Receipt of a Transfer Application does not constitute any offer of a school placement in St. Farnan’s PPS.