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Online Safety Videos for Parents & Children

22nd May 2020

The first in a series of videos designed to support parents and children navigate online safety will be launched on  Monday 25th May, on the Kildare/West Wicklow parenting forum Facebook page:  .

These short videos were developed in Co. Kildare, with a group of parents from St. Farnan’s Post Primary School, Prosperous. The project is a response from a number of agencies including; County Kildare LEADER Partnership, Foroige Drug Prevention & Education Initiative and Tusla, all working together under the umbrella of Kildare Children and Young People’s Services Committee , Kildare CYPSC , with the aim of supporting parents to keep their children safe online.

The Home School Community Liaison Officer in St. Farnan’s, Andrew Little, supported the project and he feels that these videos “are a really good method of communicating with parents. It is great for parents in Kildare to receive messages from other parents with whom they can relate. It makes the information seem more relevant.”

The videos provide online safety tips and encourage parents to do five key things;

1.        “Start the conversation” - Parents start talking with your children about online safety, early in their online life.

2.        “Agree limits” -Parents can download a family agreement template and learn about the importance of setting limits to online time.

3.        “Be informed” - It is important for parents to keep themselves informed about the online world, and this video provides some tips for helping parents stay up to date.

4.        “How much time was I online today? “

Parents can set positive examples regarding online activity to their children through their own online lives.

5.        “Parents share and learn”

The support of parent to parent peer support is fantastic, and this video encourages parents to link in with each other to provide that support network.

Being involved in the initiative made Laura Ryan, one of the participating parents, think about her own online time and the importance of parents leading by example in how they conduct themselves online. Laura also feels that parents supporting other parents is hugely important and said  “every parent has got some worry about their child or children and talking to other parents is a great support.”

Denise Hayes, another parent involved in the project echoed that sentiment, “when you hand over a device to a child you are opening them to the worldwide web, and parents need to know that the dangers are real and stay in touch with monitoring their use of it.”

Laura Ryan also reflected on the situation today versus ten years ago when her children were in their pre-teens. "Back then there was less known about online risks. Now there is much greater awareness of the dangers to young people as well as the benefits. And ultimately, we are in a more informed place about the importance of the role parents play in their children’s online lives."

This campaign reminds parents that there is no quick fix in supporting their child’s online life, but small interventions can have positive lasting results. 

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