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St. Farnan’s Savings Club

6th Nov 2018

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The PTA provides and manages a very successful Saving Club which runs on a monthly basis during the school year. The club is entering its sixth year and has up to 20 members, a number we hope will rise year on year. Many parents have expressed how beneficial they find the service when budgeting for their school expenses i.e. Book Rental, Admin fees, Exam Fees, School Tour and Gaeltacht Courses.

When & Where?

First Friday of the month after Children’s Allowance Day. Inside school lobby. 8.40am-9.00am.

How does it work?

Each month two members of the PTA Saving Team will collect your contribution in the lobby of St. FarnansSchool. If you cannot attend the school you can put your savings into an envelope, writing on it the amount enclosed, your child’s name, year, class and your contact number. This money is then receipted, recorded and lodged into ​St. Farnan’s Credit Union Account. At the end of the school year your contribution is then returned to you in cash. As a member of the Saving Club you will be afforded the opportunity, if you choose, of paying the coming school year fees on the day you collect your money.

How much can I save?

Any amount you wish.

Do I have to save every month?

No, you can save on and off throughout the school year as you please.

Can I join anytime throughout the school year?


Do I have to spend the money I save on school fees etc?

No it’s your money for you to spend how you see fit.

I have so much happening on a daily basis, how will I remember what date and time the saving club is on?

Don’t worry a couple of Text Reminders will be sent out in advance. Text 0863399290 to have your name added to Text Reminder

The Saving Club Team is looking forward to seeing you all soon.

St. Farnan’s Parent/ Teacher Association.