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Wishing our 3rd and 6th year students the very best of luck in their exams!
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Updates on our school building projects

23rd Jan 2024
St Farnan's currently has 3 Buildings Projects in various stages of development over the near and medium term:

The new temporary accommodation unit was placed in situ last Friday but it will take up to 3 more months before it is ready to use. There will be a new Home Economics Room, A new SEN room which we will use for Room 26 MLU students with an enclosed play area and two new general classrooms. 

2. KWETB Buildings Team have informed me that the contracts have been drafted for the upgrade to our roof works (flat roof section and other areas) and so that the appointed contractor can begin work as soon as possible. This will really help with the poor weather and rain leaking into main classrooms and offices.   3. New 1000 pupil school: We received the latest monthly briefings on the 15th Jan 2024 from our Project Managers, Rogers and Reddan who are working in a pre-planning engagement with Kildare County Council. The anticipated handover date is still May 2027.

Thanks to the KWETB Buildings Team and the Department of Education for all their help in planning and funding these much needed improvements, upgrades and future plans.